4-H School Enrichment

Dixie County Educational Loaner Kits

Life Sciences

  • Bats
  • Bird Identification
  • Butterfly & Moth Identification 
  • Desert Habitats
  • Endangered Species
  •   Forest Habitats  
  • Grassland Habitats   
  • Insect Identification  
  • Mammalian Wildlife
  •   Marine Habitats  
  •  Mountain, Tundra and Arctic Habitats 
  • Nutrition Is Body Building at OTE
  • Plant Science, Mushrooms and Other Fungi     
  • Poultry Embryology 
  • Rain Forest Habitats 
  • Reptiles, Amphibians, and Dinosaurs  
  • Tree, Leaf, Seed, and Cookies 
  • Wetland Habitats 

Earth Sciences 

  • Composting and Vermiculture                  
  • Ecology, Water Quality, and Recycling
  • Geography and Continents   
  • Planets and Outer Space  
  • Rocks, Sand, and Soil    
  • Weather, Energy, Forces, Magnets

Additional Materials

  • Farm and Domestic Animals       
  • Microscopes    
  • Mud Screens and Critter Catchers      
Life Sciences
Monarch butterfly

Butterfly & Moth Identification.

Bald Eagle

Bird Identification


Desert Habitats


Nutrition Is Body Building

Earth Sciences

Planets and Outer Space  

Additional Materials

Farm and Domestic Animals