Dixie/Gilchrist Family Nutrition Program

The Family Nutrition Program (FNP) at the University of Florida Cooperative Extension Service, in collaboration with the Florida Department of Children and Families {Economic Self-Sufficiency} and state and local agencies, provides educational programs in food and nutrition to food stamp recipients and food stamp eligible individuals and families.

Program Goals

  • To increase the nutrition security of Florida families.
  • To provide practical programs about general nutrition, food selection, food safety and sanitation.
  • To assist clients in gaining meal planning and preparation skills and to manage food resources effectively.
  • To promote the message of good nutrition and food resource management using social marketing.

Program Objectives and Performance Measures

Program objectives and performance measures are based on five nutrition education core elements: Dietary quality, Food resource management, Food safety, Food security, and Systems change.

Structure of the Family Nutrition Program

County Extension faculty and FNP Extension faculty provide leadership to the Family Nutrition Program at the county level. The County Extension Faculty establish advisory committees or participate in an overall county Extension advisory committee to determine community needs. Collaborating agencies are usually members of the advisory committees. County Extension faculty and FNP Extension faculty are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the program; they hire, train and supervise the program assistants, deliver education programs, and complete monthly program and budget reports. The Family Nutrition Program targeted audience varies from county to county, based on priority needs and identified community resources. FNP works with families and children, teen parents, school-aged children, Head Start children and parents, senior citizens, the homeless, battered women, and visitors of Food Stamp service centers.



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